Tablet deals: the best cheap tablet deals and prices in the UK

A tablet can be very versatile, but sometimes very expensive. Thankfully there are usually decent discounts from trusted high street brands on Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more

Since the iPad exploded onto the scene and into people’s living rooms in 2010, tablets have become an enormously popular way to consume films and TV, browse the web and indulge in a bit of sofa shopping.

Although millions of us have an iPad in the house somewhere, they remain quite expensive items. You also might not want to opt for an iPad; there are tons of excellent Android tablets on the market and often they are cheaper.

There are also Amazon’s budget range of tablets, but be aware that Amazon’s app store is separate to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Make sure you buy the right one for your budget and needs.

Bear in mind that Android 7.0 Nougat is only out on a few devices ubt will gradually become the norm, whereas iOS 10 is now available for many generations of iPad.


Tablet deals: the best cheap tablet deals for Apple iPad

ipad pro 9 inch

As with many Apple products, it’s hard to find discount on a brand new iPad. Apple also raised the prices of most of its iPad range in September 2016, meaning you may have to pay more than you expected for a new tablet.

However, there are some deals to be had. Our colleagues at Macworld regularly round up the best iPad Pro deals.

Here it also runs down the best other iPad deals in the UK if you’re after a different model.

You could also opt to buy a Refurbished iPad from Apple. Again, Macworld UK has some great advice on why you should buy a refurbished iPad.

The cheapest iPad on the Apple Refurbished Store is the 16GB iPad mini 2, which is £189. That’s £30 off the RRP.

You can browse deals on refurbished iPad models iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and the larger iPad Pro 12.9in.
Tablet deals: the best cheap tablet deals for Samsung tablets

Samsung’s tablets aren’t as popular as its smartphones, but they shouldn’t be ignored if you would prefer an Android tablet over an iPad.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

galaxy tab s2 review


It’s much lower spec, but the £129.99 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7in tablet is excellent value from Currys.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S can be picked up at the moment from John Lewis for a very reasonable £699.99. View the deal here.
Tablet deals: the best cheap tablet deals for Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface tablets can be doubled up as laptop-style devices if you also purchase the separate keyboard attachments. Unlike an iPad, Surfaces run full Windows operating systems, like PCs, and can be used exactly the same.


Microsoft is currently selling the base Surface Pro 4 for £635, which is a saving of £114. This is pretty good, but we really recommend buying the £109.99 keyboard separately. Thankfully, the tablet comes with the Surface Pen.

You can check out all of Microsoft’s deals on its Surface range here.
Tablet deals: the best cheap tablet deals for Google Pixel C

Google Pixel C

Google makes just one tablet of its own at the moment, despite many other manufacturers making some that run Android. The Pixel C is a good quality Android tablet. Here’s our review.

However, like with the Surface Pro 4, we highly recommend the keyboard attachment, which here costs £119.

Check back for the best tablet deals in the UK, updated regularly.
Tablet deals: the best cheap tablet deals for Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon has cornered an interesting part of the market with its Fire tablets. They are incredibly cheap – from £50 – and are good devices for consuming media. And this is with a slight caveat; it’s a much, much easier experience to do this if you are an Amazon Prime user. The tablets use Amazon’s own app store, so you can’t download as many apps (or the same versions of some) as with iOS or Android.

However, if you use Amazon Prime to watch films, listen to music and also download Kindle books, Fire tablets represent incredible value as a device to consume all your media.

The best place to buy them from is, surprise surprise, Amazon. All different models of Fire have two versions, one with ads on the lock screen and one without. The latter costs £10 more.


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